Mango Specials

In addition to being renowned as one of South Africa’s cheapest airlines, Mango Airlines regularly offer affordable, competitive Mango specials, including their famous Happy Day Sales.

Mango’s Happy Day special comes out every week like clockwork. The specials usually comes out on a Wednesday or a Thursday and runs from 09h00 until 21h00 on the following day. This might give you the impression that you can wait until before the sale ends to snap up the cheapest airfares, but unfortunately the lowest airfares will already be sold out by then. In any sale the lowest available airfares are only available on selected off peak times and dates. These airfares are sold out within hours of the sale going live. If you want to snap up the lowest available airfare you will have to move quickly and book your flight as soon as the sale goes live. Travel period for the happy day sale usually runs from the day the sale starts until the end of the following month.

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